Saturday, May 17, 2008


S- "Move over!"  (kicks sand as he says it, because, you know, this huge sandbox that Daddy built isn't big enough for the two of us so we have to play in the exact same spot)
G- "You got SAND in my boots!" 
G-"STOOOOOOOPPPPP!" (as S continues to toss sand on G)
S- "That tickles." (as G decides to return the favor and toss some sand on S)
And just like that the fight is over.  Oh, and NO, they don't usually end up like this, playing and laughing.  Usually, they pounce on one another putting the WWE to shame.


Fantastagirl said...

My dad built my siblings and I a similar sandbox - when I saw the picture of your boys, it reminded me of some great childhood memories and put a never ending smile on my face. Thank you for your post!

The boys are so cute - and look like they can take on the world together!

"B" said...

Oh my goodness that last one is my favorite!! Too, too cute!!!

Tara said...

Oh hahahah that is so cute.. reminds me of my brothers..when we were younger lol So classic. You have adorable boys. I love the sandbox!