Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grass- part two

Make sure the "official supervisor" comes by and puts his two cents in.  Say hello to my father-in-law, Dan.
Wait until the bus comes, so there will be plenty of help spreading the straw over the grass seed.
Oops, someone has decided that messing with straw is too itchy.  He is going to take his tractor and go home, lol.
Back to the activity, yep, they are still going at it.
Lost another one.  Last step, water, water, water!
Price to seed the yard: compost-free, straw-free, grass seed-$35.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.  ;)
(Side note: if you read this blog and have come by and been told we have no straw, the straw above is what was left on the floor of the straw barn from busted bales.  We will, however, have straw after the wheat harvest in June.)


Cliff said...

Good write up complete with the pics. You are correct. Grass does not equate to 'lawn' on most farms. Lawn is equal to 'where we decide to mow.' Weeds cut short look amazingly like a lawn, don't they?

Shannon said...

Well said, well said!

Fantastagirl said...

Love it - It goes so much smoother when everyone helps. Although - I'm with the one that says the straw is too itchy!