Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grandpa's House Outside

Check out the new roof.  It is a charcoal gray, and oh, so sexy.
The back screened in porch has been turned into a regular porch, with new cedar beams.  Maybe it will be used more open, we never went out there when it was screened in.
Did anyone notice the new windows?  
The boys call Uncle Shaun almost everyday, to see if they can come over and work with him.  The only casualty was when Wyatt stepped on a nail one Sunday afternoon.  He was okay.  The doctor said they get a tetanus shoot in their kindergarten physical, so we didn't have to rush to the Urgent Care.  (Say hi to Scamper, Shaun and Celeste's dog.)
Sheesh, can't we go anywhere without someone having to pee?
Stay tuned for the inside.  


Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, he, tee, hee!! That last shot CRACKS me up!!

I'm here via Cliff's blog.
He suggested that your place is a good read.
I agree.
I can see you have your hands full with four boys, a hubby, and farm life.
Never a dull moment, I'm sure.
I sure hope you are coming to Blogstock '08 at Cliff's farm. I'd love to meet you there!!!
It's a pleasure to meet you in Blogdom. I've met lots of good buddies in Blogdom.
I'm gonna scroll down a bit more and get more acquainted with you.

Cliff said...

You should be honored Shannon. You've been visited by the very Queen of Blogdom, Jamie Dawn. She is aka none other than the soon to be retired Rev JD.

Shannon said...

Thanks guys!

Rockin' it up said...

Dave says the last photo is one for the wedding--his--whenever that time comes around :).

Heather's World said...

:-) He is just putting his logic to good use. "Boys can pee on trees!"

"B" said...

I love how he is posing for the picture even with a bare-bum =p