Saturday, May 31, 2008


The boys found out that we had a metal detector over at the sawmill.  After supper they promptly get to work hunting treasures.  Why not start in the sandbox?
Hey buddy, get to digging.  No one is too little to work around these here parts.
Aha, a treasure.  Which just so happens to be a Hot Wheels Tonka truck.  
The little people are satisfied now, and Levi is on his own to continue the hunt for buried treasure.
What... wouldn't YOU be happy with a long lost Tonka truck?


Rockin' it up said...

whoa! Look at that attitude--lol. Looks like they had fun. Did they find anything else interesting?

Fantastagirl said...

Pan would be thrilled with the long lost Tonka truck - I understand!

Shannon said...

So far Levi has found bits and pieces of old metal, but no money, lol!

BE said...

too cute! I'm sure they had a blast.

"B" said...
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"B" said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun! Oh and the buddies were great today!