Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Week

I will give everyone a few highlights from our busy week.  First things first, I GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA FOR MOTHERS DAY!!!!  They gave it to me on Monday, so I could get some baseball pictures at the game last week.  I am still figuring this thing out so bear with me.  Here is G, with some of the flowers we planted around the house.  We got these at Charlie's...not to be confused with George's (we went there also, lol).
L got a money tree for his birthday from my mom and dad.  (and my mom says she isn't creative)  He LOVED it!!!  If you are trying to find something for a tween boy, this is it.  (my sis-in-law, Brandy, made me aware that I am the parent of a tween....yes, I wept, lol)
The hubs hauled MANY round bales to the hay barn.  If you know anyone who needs hay, give them our number.  We have "boo-coos" of it this year.  My brother reminded me that had we had THIS MUCH HAY last year, we could be lying on a white beach somewhere right now....oh well.  People were buying it and having it trucked in from other states because of the drought.
Here is W, we can never get too much W.  It is kind-of like the cowbell skit from SNL.  I NEED more W!  This is his best Arab impression.
Finally, some baseball.  L is running from first to second base.  Like I said, I am still figuring this thing out.  I will try at some better pics at the Tuesday night game.  Bethany?  Tuesday night.  This is your reminder.  ;)  Much more to come.  Stay tuned for more pics of the week-end.


Rockin' it up said...

I love this picture of W. Ever time I try to take a pic of him he rolls his eyes or glares at me :).

Shannon said...

I know what you mean, lol. How is the beach? We are FREEZING here, it is supposed to get down in the forties tonight. BRRRRRR!

Flip Flop Momma said...

um, its freezin cold here and seein u all in life jackets and what not on the water makes me just plain mad...

mad as heck.