Friday, March 28, 2008


Yesterday I took the boys for a walk in the other side of our pasture.  The big boys had been wanting to follow the creek and see where it comes out.  I told them to go by themselves, but W is afraid of the bull and wouldn't go without me.  We rode in the Gator over to the back side and started walking.  The funny thing about cows is, they walk on the same paths and wear down trails everywhere.  There was a nice trail beside of the water to walk on.  Even the buddies had no problems getting along.  We came to the end of the path, aka the fence.  All we could see was a deer stand, trees, a dirt road, and a field.  I was getting ready to tell the buddies where we were when one of them said, "Daddy drives his dump-truck back here."  Then the other one said, "Daddy plants corn back here."  I guess it is official, the ability for men to tell direction and find things is something they are born with.  We girls never had a chance, lol.

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Rockin' it up said...

good thing they have good direction, I don't! i wish I did though, or at least the confidence of good direction!