Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Updates

School:  Half-way through the third nine weeks.  Both boys are on A Honor Roll.

Y:  Boot-camp was a great work-out.  I can't even believe the things I was able to do.  My thighs are killing me now, but it is all good.  Pilates is still my favorite class.

Buddies:  Still trying to decide if we want to send them to school this year or wait until next year.

Basketball:  L made 11 lay-ups at practice last night!  W's coach said he had a great practice on Tuesday night.  Why do they get so good, and then the season is ending?

Vertigo:  Still having a few lingering effects of the last episode of it.  Have to be extremely careful not to do my sit-ups too quickly, for example.  Also still having the headaches from it.  

Costumes:  Found the boy a white shirt, and a vest at Salvation Army for four dollars.  We have old baseball pants from Cathy's boys in the attic, so he is good to go.

Farm:  The wheat is green, green, green.  We are top-dressing everything now.  Mitch and David are both nineteen now, so I don't know how much longer they will be willing to work here.  Soon, L and W, will be big enough to take their places if they want to.  Mitch has been working here since he was 12.  Where has the time gone?

Family:  My fam got together for supper last night, and then we went to a coffee shop.  Thanks Dad!  We had a few laughs about a certain canoe trip that we went on as kiddies, lol.  Oh, and fantasizing about Mom and Leigh going on the Amazing Race together.  That REALLY would be Must-See TV!

Extended Family:  Please continue to keep Aunt Patsy in your prayers.  She did have a visit with a great doctor at Duke this week.  Also, the husbands grandmother passed away yesterday.  He was able to have one last really, awesome visit with her on Sunday with Shaun (his Shaun, not mine, lol).  I know he is thankful for that.  He will be a pall bearer (4th time now) and has nothing to wear.  Going shopping tonight, hopefully.

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