Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yesterday, amidst washing five loads of clothes, I got inspired to change some closets around.  Yes, yes, I SHOULD have been mopping the kitchen floor...but y'all know how I love to organize things.  I can't even explain the adrenalin rush I get from doing it.  As most of you know, our room was the nursery when the twins were born.  When they moved upstairs, I kept their closet as is.  It was easier to have their stuff downstairs, than walk upstairs every time I needed something.  Yesterday that all changed.  I moved their stuff up to their closet, and divided the hubby's and my things between the two closets in our room.  There was some purging involved, and I may have been tempted to rush to town for some cute baskets for the top shelf (don't worry, I resisted...for now anyway, lol).  I wish I would have taken some before pictures to show you, but I forgot.  Oh, and the kitchen floor?  Still dirty.  But hey....they are calling for a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, so it would have gotten messy again anyway.  Right?


Flip Flop Momma said...

I hate mopping, and oragnizing..

we are like total oppsistes..haha

Rockin' it up said...

I love organizing too! I must have got it from you :). Dave thinks it's almost completely useless, just moving things from here to there, but I love it. I'd much rather organize than mop the floor! My floor hasn't been mopped in ages. I guess I justify not doing it because 1) I don't have kids and 2) I have a dog that gets it dirty again every time he comes inside! It's raining here already-supposed to keep it up all day. Maybe that will convince me to do some hw!